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The national anthem, Jeszcze Polska nie Zginȩła ("Poland Has Not Yet Perished"), was written in 1797 by an émigré soldier-poet, Józef Wybicki, serving in the Polish legions of Napoleon Bonaparte's army in Italy. Others view Poland as the suffering Christ among nations raising the torch of liberty and independence for themselves and others.This position is exemplified in the slogan "For your freedom and ours" and popularized by Polish romantics such as authors Zygmunt Krasiński, Adam Mickiewicz, and Juliusz Slowacki, as well as musician Frédéric Chopin and political leaders such as Józef Pilsudski.The Slovincian dialect of Kashubian could be considered a separate language.A similar linguistic separation can be made regarding the Górale, or "Highlanders," of Podhale.

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Kashubian, with about 200,000 speakers along the Baltic coast, has its own orthography and literature.However, there is no certainty regarding their presence east of the Elbe and Oder Rivers before the eighth century.