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12-Mar-2016 06:35

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More conservative ones like the Silver Ring Thing forbid any kind of sexual contact between girls and boys but many teenagers secretly believe that vaginal intercourse is the only thing they are not allowed to engage in.Also such movements are very often couched in religious terms and this raises questions about their validity in an avowedly secular society.Masturbation, intensive exercise or physical activities like horse-riding can cause the hymen to rupture.Thus a girl who has a broken hymen may be labeled sexually experienced when in fact she may never have had been touched by a man before.Because of the patriarchal basis of most societies, the concept of virginity in girls came to be laden with notions of purity, honor and worth.According to patriarchal constructs of female identity, a woman is a man’s - her father’s or husband’s - possession who has the right to decide whom she can have sex with.However in many cultures the practice continues covertly or overtly as a way of increasing the worth of a girl before marriage.

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So instead of looking for a partner who is technically a virgin, one might do better to accept a woman for who she is and for all the ways she can bring joy in another person’s life.Nevertheless there's no way to know for sure if a girl is a virgin.