Romney asked if interracial dating a sin

28-Nov-2016 02:41

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A black husband with a white wife is the most common form of black-white marriage, yet this kind of matchup is still rarely shown in film and television.

The popular humor website Cracked even mocked this hesitancy in the article “They Still Can’t Show a Black Man Dating a White Woman (Unless That’s What the Whole Movie Is About).” The article argues that producers are too squeamish to depict black man-white woman couples because they think white men are repulsed by them.

Black husband/white wife couples were the most likely to divorce: twice as likely as white couples.

Interracial couples are also more likely to suffer domestic violence than same-race couples.

When Mitt Romney was a college freshman, he told fellow residents of his Stanford University dormitory that he sometimes disguised himself as a police officer – a crime in many states, including Michigan and California, where he then lived. So recalls Robin Madden, who had also just arrived as a freshman, the startling incident began when Romney called him and two or three other residents into his room, saying, “Come up, I want to show you something.” When they entered Romney’s room, “and laid out on his bed was a Michigan State Trooper’s uniform.” Madden, a native Texan who graduated from Stanford in 1970 and went on to become a successful television producer and writer, has never forgotten that strange moment, which he has recounted to friends over the years as he observed his former classmate’s political ascent.

The Said Madden in a recent interview, “He told us that he had gotten the uniform from his father,” George Romney, then the Governor of Michigan, whose security detail was staffed by uniformed troopers.

There was beer in the car trunk, according to a prearranged plan.

Other former classmates described Mitt as a “happy-go-lucky guy known less for his achievements and more for his pranks.” In , a biography published by Boston Globe reporters Michael Kranish and Scott Helman this year, another former friend recalled how Romney had “put a siren on top of his car and chased two of his friends who were driving around with their dates.” The two friends were in on the scheme, but the girls were not.( has collected some other examples of police impersonators.) The Romney campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment.Following his sophomore year at Stanford, young Mitt left and never went back.According to a University of Pittsburgh study, interracial couples were nearly three times more likely to have repeated incidents of violence, twice as likely to engage in mutual assault, 71 percent more likely to be arrested for domestic violence, and 37 percent more likely to be involved in abuse that results in injury.

A recent report by a group of Florida State University researchers confirmed most of these findings, but found that domestic abuse among interracial couples is higher than in white couples, and occurs at about the same rate as in black couples.While he may have believed that his cop antics were harmless, Romney may well have been breaking the law merely by donning a police uniform, committing a crime if he pretended to be a cop and a felony if he did so more than once.