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If you are one of those people who wants to be good at gaming and don’t have the time (but do have the money), you can shortcut the whole learning process with a tutor.You don’t have to find a local tutor—there’s a whole website dedicated to helping you find the right online gaming coach.Professional gamers do exactly as the name suggests—they play video games for a living.That’s pretty strange—and really cool—but what’s even stranger is the people who make their living teaching others how to play.When he first proposed the idea, it wasn’t exactly met with enthusiasm. It turns out there is no shortage of people who will happily dive into their pockets and exchange their hard-earned money for what is essentially mud.Official Irish Dirt is a real money-maker, tapping into the market of the millions of Americans who have Irish heritage.

It’s sourced in Tipperary, cleansed of microbes, then tested by the Irish Department of Agriculture before being shipped to thousands of homes across the United States and Canada.

He had to go through layers of bureaucracy before he could ship the dirt to America.

Irish soil has microbes that could cause contamination in the States, so the US government started blocking shipments.

Last year it produced about 50 tonnes of ragworms, selling about 20 tonnes in the UK and exporting the rest.

A tonne of ragworms generates somewhere between £15,000 and £18,000 for Seabait although the retail value of a kilogram of the bait is around £30.Seabait does exactly what it says on the tin – producing ragworms as bait for fishing tackle shops in the UK – although it has also started exporting frozen ragworms as feed for broodstock shrimp and fish.