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15-Oct-2016 02:59

The business these two bon vivants started together is Ivy Connect, an online and real-world social network revolving around their top-notch events involving the arts, music, culture, business, investment, entrepreneurship and intelligence.

Meeting at a HBS orientation party in London, Meric and Triebel found they shared much in common.

This is the story of such a friendship and such a business.

As far as business pedigrees go, Philipp Triebel and Beri Meric have rock-solid, top-notch credentials.

Every once in a while, best buddies decide to start a business together.

Sometimes, this can spell disaster for their friendship.

That's what we wanted to recreate with Ivy Connect." At HBS, our two entrepreneurs-in-training encountered much commercial/ intellectual stimulation.

Like a course entitled, "Monetizing a Social Network." I was unaware that this seemingly impossible conundrum had been solved, but apparently there are a lot of smart people all over putting thought into this enigma--not just at Google and Facebook.

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Piskorski is an acclaimed expert on social networks and most importantly, how companies can leverage profitability from same.After the trials of HBS, the pair first started Mind Armada, which was a social network designed to connect MBAs from top schools with small businesses.