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13-Nov-2016 06:40

I think you've done a wonderful job at getting offended with me when I have not attacked anyone nor stated anything untrue.

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A shallow person is someone who fixates on the superficial,on that first and outermost layer on humans.

It's easy really, I just hold the donut in my mouth while I suds up my monolithic booty. I think about how unappealing I am every day,as I'm sure some of my heavy sisters also do...seeing it thrown at us in print adds insult to injury..would you feel if someone insulted a part of you that you hated and were trying to change? I sincerely hope that no one in your family or circle of friends ever has a weight issue related to medical problems because I'm wondering will you quote your BMI stuff to them, recite how men don't like fat chicks, bash them and insult them like you have here??? personally I think you are pissed off because you got more emails from "fat chicks" saying they were average than thin gals...again if you don't want "fat chicks" emailing you-simply state it in your profile-problem solved. There are a growing number of men around the world who like voluptuous and real women. She is a Big Beautiful Woman."If you are single Big Beautiful Woman or a man who admires a full-figured woman, jump online and visit You just might find the real soul mate you have been looking for.

One can express thier opinion without wording it in such a way that it hurts others. AMEN~~~ You have to love yourself and who you are in order to present yourself. I might not be thin; but I'm smart enough to know if I don't like something specifically, I'd best list it in my profile re: the websites here ya go -straight from e-media wire - Online Dating Gets Real – Forget the Super Model, go for the Big Beautiful Woman Hollywood may endorse thin and skinny, but in the real world, men prefer Big Beautiful Women. And, a recent search on any one of the most popular search engines reveal that there are over 6,200,000 websites reference her. Plastic surgery may be blossoming, but many men find it a turnoff, and are looking for the real thing. This site has thousands of big beautiful women who are members. If nothing else, you will discover you are not alone.

"--- This thread was off topic a dozen times in 28 pages before I posted.

I replied to an off topic post by promoting healthiness and sally fell off the funny farm wagon! --- When I promoted health as a way to measure *average*, *a few extra*, *BBW* people got offended.There's no excuse for treating someone horribly because of their weight, but neither is there justification for forcing people to act as though they're attracted to everyone.

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