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18-May-2016 12:02

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Nothing like going to the local Mall at one of those ear ring places in the center and seeing some baby that looks like days from the womb and having them pierce their ears and put an ear stud in it.Yes, I'm glad you had a baby and you are using it for a decoration. I am also a sick fuck, but I have no idea what neighborhood scott lives in.I would strongly suggest we not take this any further.I don't want any discussion that would lean toward kiddy porn.Some of them still stand up today, like the electro scene in Fatal Pulse, for instance.I still get turned on by scenes of torture and rape; other scenes where the girls is simply just tied up and much.They are presented as the ideal sexual object and yet legally, you can't even fuck them.And how many 40-year men have whacked off to Miley Cyrus?

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It could be that I've gotten jaded after decades of access to some of the most nasty hardcore rape and torture scenes ever created.Btw, if she's doing anal at a very early age then that's a GOOD sign!!************************************************ I may be one sick person but to me that isn't a good sign and as for the 13 and 14 year olds running around with jewelry down there I think they should find the Mother and smack the crap out of them.Yeah, they're getting started earlier and earlier, and the sexualization of younger girls is rampant on the Internet and in the media.

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Heck, some of the highest paid models in the industry are literally teenaged girls.

Sometimes it just feels like fast-forward material. Tonight, out of curiosity, I checked out the last week of Brian's Page to see what the discussions were about.

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If you feel adventurous, the best ones are actually in District 3, District 5 and District 10. It is in the heart of the backpacker district of Pham Ngu Lao, yet prices are quite high. Super VIP massage for a threesome-like experience (2 girls) for VND600,000. In District 1 (and particularly in Bui Vien or near Hai Bai Trung), some massage parlours run a well-known scam: A staff opens your locker while you're being treated and takes some of your money.… continue reading »

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